At UPNicaragua we believe the best way to protect low-income girls in Nicaragua is by giving them access to the educational and emotional tools they lack in schools, neighborhoods and families.


Our story

UPNicaragua was founded by Xiomara Diaz, co-founder of The Garden Cafe &  Thousand Cranes. The project was founded in April of 2015 with the support of several people, businesses and mentors, it is a follow-up effort to the work that she had been doing with other women entrepreneurs since 2011, which focused on creating awareness around the subject of commercial sexual exploitation of children in Granada.  This effort inspired Xiomara to begin thinking of ways to protect and prevent girls from becoming victims of abuse and exploitation.

Xiomara is certain that the most powerful way to fight and prevent sexual exploitation is by  empowering girls through education and mentorship.  UPNicaragua is a non-profit program that gives girls access to scholarships, tutoring, english and computer science opportunities as well as a support system with mentors and role models.

UPNicaragua works with low-income girls who are talented and have leadership potential but lack access to resources and role models in their communities.  

Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire low-income Nicaraguan girls.

Our vision is that UPNicaragua girls become conscious, informed, educated and dynamic change-makers who want to and are able to uplift themselves, their families and their communities.