All of our education programs encourage and cultivate long term relationships and community, for this reason they are all executed by local Nicaraguan professionals.   We don't have a volunteer program for our education programs, unless it is for specific goals or teacher training. 

We happily welcome volunteers to work with us on the social enterprise side of UPNicaragua.

We are looking for:

  • social media influencers who can help us sell more products and tell the world about our mission to empower girls. 
  • volunteers who could hold a fundraising event and/or sell our products abroad.
  • volunteers who wish to do a podcast with the founder to speak about social entrepreneurship and our mission.
  • volunteers who could help us design new products.
  • we are open to collaboration that helps us advance the wellbeing of  girls & women across the globe.

This is a cycle of goodness, together we can transform lives for the better.


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