What we do


These programs are the result of 5 years of working with girls in Granada, of listening to and observing their needs, interests, desires and most importantly their potential.

At UPNicaragua we seek to combine professional skills with emotional intelligence and humanism. Why? Because we believe that real transformation of the human being happens when we are inspired to dream of meaningful futures without forgetting that we also need to be equipped for safe futures.

You can become part of the effort to protect and empower girls though education. For more information you may contact us at upnicaragua@gmail.com.

English as a Second Language Scholarship Program (ESL)

We developed a curriculum tailored to the needs of our students, in partnership with well prepared teachers we provide a motivating and fun learning environment with access to proper resources: books, internet learning platforms, field trips.

Monthly ESL Scholarship includes: 

  • Highly qualified teachers fees (12 hours per month)

  • Books, copies, computer access, internet platform access

  • Snacks

  • Field trips.

Private School Scholarship Program (PSP)

Public schools in Nicaragua are increasingly weak and in some cases dangerous, especially for girls.  UPNicaragua's high school scholarship program allows girls to attend better schools allowing them to prepare for a better future and providing safer environments. 

Monthly ACH Scholarship includes:

  • Tuition

  • School Books

  • School Supplies

  • School Uniforms

Web Development & Coding Program (TECH)

This is UPNicaragua in partnership with Fullbright Scholarship engineers going beyond basic education.  We believe that basic education is a must, yet not enough to secure a safe future for today's children. 

This is a challenging 9-month program that allows motivated girls to explore introduction to the following areas: basic computer science concepts, HTML & CSS and Javascript.

Monthly TECH Scholarship includes:

  • Professional instruction of coding course (4 hours per week)

  • Meals (empty bellies have a tough time learning)

  • Supplies

  • Pro-rated fee towards computers, licences and maintenance.

  • Pro-rated fee towards learning center utilities & internet.

Yoga & meditation

At UPNicaragua we believe in the transformative effects of breathing, stretching and meditating. Through our Yoga & Meditation practice program we allow girls to explore their own bodies, minds and spirits.

Monthly YOGA Scholarship includes:

  • Certified yoga instruction (2-3 hours per week)


Soft skills & mentorship

At UPNicaragua we believe that we a safe future can only be guaranteed when girls are exposed to their rights, are equipped to identify and act on dangerous situations that may expose them to any form of violence.

Soft Skills & Mentorship Scholarship includes:

  • Access to monthly workshops on different soft skills related to the prevention of violence, gender equity, personal care and emotions.

  • Access to 1 monthly field trip within Granada.

  • Access to a yearly mentoring event where girls meet dozens of inspiring women and are paired with one adult mentor.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
— Anne Frank