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Learn more about the ways in which we support girls’ education.  You can become part of this mission by donating or by shopping accessories with the power to change lives.  Every little bit counts.  More details below!  

English as a Second Language Scholarship Program (ESL)

We partnered with the best English academy in our city,  together we created the opportunity for UPNicaragua girls to benefit from their program at a discounted rate.  Certified, native teachers and a tailored  program speed up the learning process and allow UPN girls to be exposed to other cultures.  We strongly believe this is the most powerful tools for youth to access more opportunities.

Monthly ESL Scholarship cost per child:  USD $12

This monthly fee includes:

  • Professional, native teacher English course (4 hours per week)

  • Text, copies, supplies


 she'll learn english!

ESL Scholarship cost



Private School Scholarship Program (PSP)

Public schools in Nicaragua are increasingly weak and in some cases dangerous, especially for girls.  UPNicaragua's high school scholarship program allows girls to attend better schools allowing them to prepare for a better future and providing safer environments. 

Monthly ACH Scholarship cost per child: USD $25

This monthly fee helps families pay for:

  • Tuition

  • School Books

  • School Supplies

  • School Uniforms


She'll attend

a safer & better school

School scholarship


$ 25

Web Development & Coding Program (TECH)

This is UPNicaragua in partnership with Fullbright Scholarship engineers going beyond basic education.  We believe that basic education is a must, yet not enough to secure a safe future for today's children. 

This is a challenging 9-month program that allows motivated girls to explore introduction to the following areas: basic computer science concepts, HTML & CSS and Javascript.

Monthly TECH Scholarship cost per child: USD $30

This monthly fee covers:

  • Professional instruction of coding course (4 hours per week)

  • Meals (empty bellies have a tough time learning)

  • Supplies

  • Pro-rated fee towards computers

  • Pro-rated fee towards learning center utilities


She'll learn a disruptive skill

tech scholarship


$ 30

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