UPNicaragua was founded with the mission to empower young Nicaraguan girls through education and community. 

The founder, Xiomara Díaz, has been working since 2011 in partnership with the tourism business sector, raising awareness about children's rights and the vulnerability they faced in the city of Granada.  As she got proximate to the challenges children face in Nicaragua, she was inspired to go beyond raising awareness.  She embarked on a journey to seek ways to provide tangible opportunities to empower girls through education and access to the mentors they lack in their communities. 


Nicaraguan women constitute more than half the population of the country; their potential to contribute to the country’s development is not only obvious, but necessary.  

With Nicaragua’s history of gender inequality and the lack of effective regulatory laws, women have become the main victims of a cycle of abuse, lack of education and opportunities. 

When half the population of a country is suffering from abuse, lack of education and opportunities, it is virtually impossible for that country to thrive, hence why women are the priority segment of this program.


Our Team


We are proud of our team, composed mainly by Nicaraguans.  Our team is made up of education professionals who support girls education programs, engineers who support our coding program and  artisans who design and create our power-ful accessories.   

Every one in our team is committed to UPNicaragua's mission and is a key part of this beautiful cycle of goodness.