Our Programs

We are boosting girls' education through programs that prepare them for bigger opportunities  and a safer future.   Our programs are meant to serve low-income girls with a variety of vulnerable situations at home, we seek to build a strong community and connect girls to a broader network of role models.


English as a Second Language Scholarship Program

We partnered with the best English academy in our city,  together we created the opportunity for UPNicaragua girls to attend a tailored program with certified, native teachers.


Private School Scholarship Program (PSP)

UPNicaragua's high school scholarship program allows girls to attend better schools allowing them to be in safer environments and  prepare for a better future.



This is UPNicaragua in partnership with Fullbright Scholarship engineers going beyond basic education.  We believe that basic education is a must, yet not enough to secure a safe future for today's children. 

This is a challenging 9-month program that allows motivated girls to explore introduction to: basic computer science concepts, HTML & CSS, Javascript.