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Our Mission

Our mission  is to educate, inspire and build a strong community for Nicaraguan girls in Granada.  We do so through programs that prepare girls for bigger possibilities and a safer future.   Our programs are meant to serve low-income girls with a variety of vulnerable situations at home.

We believe that a powerful way to close the gender gap is by giving girls access to quality education but we are certain that this is not enough.   Our education and scholarship programs integrate parents and other actors in the community.   We believe that having mentors and strong examples of women in decision making roles is necessary in order to promote gender equality.

Our education programs seek to give access to formal education opportunities, and at its essence, to promote gender equality. 

UPNicaragua works around the overarching goals to:  

  • reduce school dropouts due to gender roles, 

  • reduce teenage pregnancy,

  • bring awareness about physical, psychological and sexual abuse and exploitation,

  • teach and promote universal human rights,

  • develop critical thinking

  • develop interest in citizen participation,

  • encourage 'a pay it forward' approach to life.


"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.

— Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General


Why Granada?

Tourism: economic & social impact

Nicaragua’s tourism industry has shown rapid and steady growth in the last ten years, becoming one of the three top generators of foreign currency and the generator of 140,000 new employments in the country between 2007-2011.

While Nicaragua’s international image has for years been demonized by its  historical drama, it is quickly positioning itself as one of the most authentic, safest and least expensive destinations in Latin America.

Granada: a booming destination

Granada, in particular, is a booming tourist destination; it’s attractive and great for business.  But one thing that cannot go unnoticed is the fact that Granada is in Nicaragua—the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 

The Nicaraguan government is currently allocating funds to promote Nicaragua at an international level with the hope that this industry will contribute to the development of the country but there are also complex aspects to it.

While the industry is capable of generating jobs and activating the economy at all levels, we must be also concerned with the protection of Nicaragua and Nicaraguans, especially children. 

Vulnerable populations

Children, particularly girls, are more vulnerable to the risks of the tourism industry when they lack education, skills, emotional empowerment, economic alternatives, networks and role models.  

Our program is intended to be a partial solution to the different challenges and risks that a fast growing tourism industry poses on vulnerable populations.

Empowering future protagonists

Unleash Potential Nicaragua was founded so that together we can all take action as a community to protect the rights of vulnerable underage girls and unleash their potential to grow into the true protagonists of the tourism industry.