Women represent over 50% of the Nicaraguan population.

Gender inequality

Nicaraguan women constitute more than half the population of the country; their potential to contribute to the country’s development is not only obvious, but necessary.  

With Nicaragua’s history of gender inequality and the lack of effective regulatory laws, women have become the main victims of a cycle of abuse, lack of education and opportunities. 

Vulnerability of both women and children

When women lack access to equal opportunities both women and children become extremely vulnerable as they seek better life alternatives which are generally costly.

From drug abuse, disease, homelessness, high rates of immigration to the dangers of sexual exploitation and of course, lack of representation in civil society and access to the most basic human rights.

Educate a woman, educate a nation

When half the population of a country is suffering from abuse, lack of education and opportunities, it is virtually impossible for that country to thrive, hence why women are the priority segment of this program.

Xiomara DiazComment