Juan Jose gets it! Men are part of the solution.

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"Men in my neighborhood think that women need to stay at home and that men are not manly if they do house chores.  I believe that needs to change immediately.  I want to make sure that girls in my neighborhood know their rights."   (Juan Jose H.)

A large part of gender inequality has its roots in stereotypes that society has assigned to each gender and reinforced for centuries.  While women are essential to their own empowerment, men also play a huge role.  

In order to debunk stereotypes we need men to become aware that the issue of gender inequality exists across the globe and that gender is nothing but a biological difference and not a barrier to playing any role in society.  

When men understand this, the transformation speeds up as they evidently also want the best for our world!  When men understand this, they begin by empowering their own daughters at home to make sure that they can have a bright future with access to all possibilities; they also begin to empower their sons so that they can be fair human beings who understand that men and women have the right to equal opportunities and access to resources and that in order to secure that right, we all need to do our part.

Juan Jose is one of those men who get it!  He is a community leader in a small barrio of Granada, he has a natural drive to bring hope to his neighborhood.   In the last year he has taken on the responsibility of making sure that girls who lack solid support systems at home attend our program, he makes sure their moms wake them up on time, walks them from faraway and participates as a junior artisan creating products to contribute towards the sustainability of our girl empowerment program.

We are so grateful to work with Juan Jose and extremely proud to have a man role model with us!

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