Hello World! Hello Granada!

Children learn as they play.  Most importantly, in play they learn how to learn.

Hello world! The Granada Coding Program has officially launched and we were pleasantly surprised with our first day! It was truly magical to see the human brain in action.

Patricia Ayerdis, one of our FulBright Lead Instructors speaks about her experience with the group today: "I loved seeing the quick change from a shy expression to a curious and excited one.  I noticed that they were not afraid to ask questions to each other nor to the instructors, which is one of the hardest things to get used to when one is learning computer code.  The girls today failed over and over but they did not give up, that's good news because the path to becoming a programmer is full of trials and we must be comfortable with failing."

Luis Poveda,  one of our Assistant Instructors who participated in the US Embassy IVLP reflects about this morning: "The girls today began with high concentration on their own screens but as the morning progressed and the challenges grew, they quickly switched to a more collaborative mode, we are pleased to see that  as one of our goals is to disrupt the traditional idea that you can't look at each other's work because "that's cheating".  In coding everything is about collaboration as you can solve complex problems and achieve higher quality work much faster.    I was fascinated with how quickly they were absorbing and becoming capable of solving problems with higher complexity.  I could tell their brains were being transformed.  Now I'm very curious as to how the problem-solving skills they learn here will impact other areas of their lives." 

We are thrilled to see how this learning process unfolds in the next 9 months, but we are even more excited to see where this experience and new skills take the girls in their future as adults.

Follow us on this journey and please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about the program or collaborate!

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