Granada Coding Program kicks off in November!

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - B.Franklin

This coding program will primarily impact the girl population in Granada.  We are aiming at positively influencing their attitude toward science and math coursework at school so they understand and believe in their own potential, at giving them coding and tech skills that can make them more competitive and employable in the 21st century,  at improving their analytical thinking as well as their capacity to work in complex teams.

By giving girls access to these skills we seek to not only complement and enhance local existing industries, but also diversify the population skills base with a view to a more sustainable economy.

Learning code is a lot more than learning Javascript, Python or Ruby to build apps and digital solutions, it is a key foundational skill in an increasingly digital world that is here to stay.   It can helps us gain a deeper understanding of how computers work at a fundamental level, build entrepreneurial skills and spark innovation to solve social issues at the local and global level.  Coding is also able to break gender barriers and encourage collaboration between people and groups of people.

This is an initiative that has been put together by Xiomara Diaz, Patricia Ayerdis and José Ayerdis  with the support of the US State Department (through the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund) and in collaboration with Maker Space, young Nicaraguan entrepreneurs and local education organizations. 

We are kicking off this 9-month program on November 4th, our first cohort is composed of 10 Granada girls who have been selected through UPNicaragua, Fundación con Corazón, Education Plus and La Esperanza Granada.

Do you want to collaborate, learn more, participate?  Please contact us at: We'll be thrilled to share more with you!

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