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Our Mission:


We empower young Nicaraguan girls with education opportunities and access to a strong community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower Nicaraguan girls by providing education opportunities and access to a strong community.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the reduction of the gender gap in Nicaragua and the world.

Our vision is that UPNicaragua girls become conscious, informed and dynamic citizens with bright futures who are inspired and able to become the protagonists of their own lives and communities.

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Our Model


UPNicaragua focuses on education-based empowerment of young girls in Granada, Nicaragua.  Since 2015, we have been creating long term education and mentorship opportunities for girls in our community.  

All education opportunities are generated through the sales of our handmade accessories.  100% of profits are invested in supplementary school programs and scholarships.


economic opportunities

Through our social enterprise model and alliances with other organizations, we generate economic opportunities for Nicaraguans who design and make the accessories we sell to raise funds for  our education programs.



accessories that inspire

We design accessories with the power to change lives.  Every bracelet and pouch you purchase and wear has the mission to empower girls with education opportunities. 



education Advancement

We believe that the best way to contribute to the sustainable development of Nicaragua is through long-term, quality education opportunities.


Our Programs

We are boosting girls' education through programs that prepare them for bigger opportunities  and a safer future.   Our programs are meant to serve low-income girls with a variety of vulnerable situations at home, we seek to build a strong community and connect girls to a broader network of role models.


English as a Second Language Scholarship Program

We partnered with the best English academy in our city,  together we created the opportunity for UPNicaragua girls to attend a tailored program with certified, native teachers.


Private School Scholarship Program (PSP)

UPNicaragua's high school scholarship program allows girls to attend better schools allowing them to be in safer environments and  prepare for a better future.



This is UPNicaragua in partnership with Fullbright Scholarship engineers going beyond basic education.  We believe that basic education is a must, yet not enough to secure a safe future for today's children. 

This is a challenging 9-month program that allows motivated girls to explore introduction to: basic computer science concepts, HTML & CSS, Javascript.


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Granada coding program 

This coding program will primarily impact the girl population in Granada.  We are aiming at changing their attitude toward science and math coursework at school, at giving them coding and tech skills that can make them more competitive and employable in the 21st century,  at improving their analytical thinking as well as their capacity to work in complex teams.

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Get Involved


UPNicaragua wants to promote a cycle of goodness, together we can transform the lives of girls and impact entire communities.   

You can get involved by purchasing our accessories, wearing the change and sharing with the world about UPNicaragua's mission.   We welcome donations, every little bit makes a huge difference to keep our program strong and going. We also happily welcome volunteers to work with us on the social enterprise side of UPNicaragua.  


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Our accessories are made with one sole purpose--to create a cycle of goodness.

Every profit generated through your purchase is directly invested in education opportunities for Nicaraguan girls.


Volunteer opportunities

We happily welcome volunteers to work with us on the social enterprise side of UPNicaragua.

We are all about collaboration! Contact us!


Sponsor a student

An  acute crisis broke out in Nicaragua on 4/18 and it has heavily affected our local product sales to raise funds. 

Scholarship sponsorships are appreciated, every little bit helps us secure education for girls.


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